If you’ve been on my OnlyFans site recently, you’ll have noticed me fucking my new boy toy and double dong dildo. Unfortunately, he was brutally savaged in a fit of jealous rage. I might need CSI:DE to send a forensics team by.

Exhibit A

Evidence suggests that he was attacked on separate occasions. As you can see, he was first menaced with a kitchen carving knife. Not having arms or legs, he was defenseless and at the mercy of this knife-wielding maniac. It would have been a bloodbath—if he had any blood.

This knife wound was not fatal, but whilst he was recuperating, he was viciously attacked once again. This time it was fatal, and this bad boy was dismembered. As revenge for fucking my sweet ass, he had his balls cut off as well as his dick which was then shoved up his ass.

Exhibit B

His silicone penis was also lacerated, and he received other post mortem knife wounds.

Exhibit C

In another act of senseless violence, my double dong dildo was sliced up like a kielbasa sausage and is unrecoverable.

I am accepting donations on CashApp and OnlyFans to fund replacements.

The suspect is still at large. Keep your sex toys safe, and lock your doors.

Killing It

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8 thoughts on “Killing It

  1. I can’t stop laughing 😁. He probaby got it coming.

    Wonder if the suspects can do shoes like that too.Have a few pairs am thinking of giving to the thrift store,but don’t have the time.Don`t
    Know what the hell I was thinking when I bought them.

    Anyway back to the suspect. Am glad
    She (he) is still at large because l want to be the one who brings her (him)to justice – very soon.

  2. According to recent developments re in the case of the mutulated torso, the identity of the suspect has began to emerge, and I just want to assure the public that she will be handcuffed and properly spanked to the full extent of the law.

    And regarding the replacement of the damaged property, I will be making a contribution on behalf of law enforcement.

  3. You caught me. I confess. I caught the bastard banging my girlfriend. I did what had to be done. The punishment fit the crime.

  4. Stacy where did you find this poor fellow at, perhaps it was someone from his past? I am sure you were very good to him and he was good to you.
    I have a female friend who is very interested in helping another young fellow the way you helped this gentleman, unfortunately she has no idea where to find someone like him.
    If you could please be of assistance we would gladly donate for your adoption of a new young fellow.
    Thank you,

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