With Backpage and now CityX Guide offline, Kitty Ads seems to want to fill their shoes. I created a profile there a few weeks ago. I haven’t actually posted any ads there yet, but I will.

Even without ads, I noticed that quite a few guys have been leaving messages there. I won’t be responding to them. I may infrequently respond to comments here on my blog, but texting is always your best bet. Not to be a cunt, but please remember that just because you text me or call, I am not obliged to pick up or respond. And if you’ve called or texted and I haven’t responded, I’d suggest waiting until the next day to respond. If you’ve texted, it’s probably still on my phone. If you’ve called and left a message, it’s likely still there. The best way to turn me off is to be a relentless stalker.

The best way to turn me off is to be a relentless stalker

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Kitty Ads

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