As usual, I appreciate your survey feedback. I’ve sent a survey on up-charges, and the responses to the first one were pretty mixed–more than half did not like the idea of being up-charged — , but the second one was very clear: the biggest complaint was the up-charge for kissing as part of GFE, so this gives me something to think about…including whether this is really the last word on up-charges.

The other thing I learned is that pretty much no one had a problem with being charged more for these other activities:

  • Porn Star Experience (PSE)
  • Fetish
  • Greek
  • Gangbangs
  • Couples

Other interesting responses I wish were written here instead of on the survey (because the survey results are not public) are:

One guy suggested that additional time be 75/hr.

The problem is that if I charge 75 for additional hours, I am missing out on the ability to get 210+ for a different person. Think about it this way:

What if you get paid $20/hr, and your boss suggests that $20 is only the first hour and that you should accept $5 an hour since you’re already at work?

I’m pretty sure that you’d think this was a bum deal…because it would be.

My regulars know that I will work with them, but to become a regular, you’ve got to get to know me first.

One guy suggested that he is paying for the experience and doesn’t want to be nickeled & dimed and that stacked charges add up.

Again, you just have to get to know me, so we can discuss things like this. I’ve had quite a few dates who think they want all of these add-ons, and so they ask. In general, even if they don’t come out and request it, I’ll put a cap at maybe 500 an hour.

And multiple hours are always a challenge. Just because you want Greek for a three-hour date doesn’t mean you want it for the whole three hours, so maybe only one of the hours gets that charge. That just becomes a point for discussion.

Remember, I am open-minded and accommodating, so I’m willing to work with you, but also remember that I am not a pushover.

Last Word on Up-charges

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