Notice: When I post an ad, my phone starts blowing up in under 10 seconds. If you haven’t connected with me in the first minute, you’re probably not likely to. And my phone will be off the hook with texts and calls for the next half-hour, slowing down like a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

you gotta play to win

If I don’t respond, this is probably why. As usual, I’ll respond to known callers first, but once I get a connection, I’m onto other things. If I am advertising, I am looking for an immediate date, so if someone responds looks for a date later in the week, I’ll keep responding until I get someone who’s ready now.

If I still need a date, I’ll post again. Rinse and repeat. Like the casino, you gotta play to win.

Lightning Round

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2 thoughts on “Lightning Round

  1. LOL! maybe my chances would improve if there was a “Next ad goes live in 20:05” timer! I guess I’ll just keep trying!

  2. I hope that the difficulty in connecting is just that you’re busy. If I’ve done anything to upset you please let me know. I’m dying for a chance to see you in person baby.

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