I am so excited to finally have a place of my own—a place to call my home. I posted some pics in my new bedroom. It’s taken me quite a while with a lot of false starts and lost hope. It took a lot of fucking and sucking, but it’s been totally worth it. Although it still needs a little more furnishing, it’s coming along and the bedroom is ready for visitors.

It took a lot of fucking and sucking…

This is a private house in a quiet New Castle neighborhood. It’s easy to access in a safe area and has discreet, off-street parking.

The entire place has been renovated, and it looks awesome. I will be hosting incalls at my place, but since this is my home, I need to be cautious. Although I’ll still entertain requests for fetish stuff, multiple guys, and girl-girl dates, I won’t be hosting these at my house.

Obviously, I’ll still be available for outcalls, but in some cases, we’ll need to arrange for a room in a neutral location—especially for new customers until we get to know each other better. We may even need to split a room. As many of you know, I’ve been ripped off in hotels, so I need to be extra cautious at my home.

please, don’t show up unannounced

I’ve already had dates at my place, and I already have to say, please, don’t show up unannounced or without an appointment and my acknowledgement that I am there and available. This means that even if we have a date scheduled at noon, don’t show up until I give you the OK. Someone might be running over, I may have stepped into the bath, grabbed a bite to eat, or whatever. As you know, I’ll communicate along the way, so just wait for the OK signal. If everyone follows this rule, no one will have any unwelcome surprises.

I’ve never had a pimp and never plan to

I’ve heard a rumor going around that I have a pimp. This is not true. I’ve never had a pimp and never plan to. I may write a post about this later. This is a place I pay for on my own through my business to use when I want for my business.

I have everything you need: me and a bed

For those who will be visiting me at my place, just know that I have everything you need: me and a bed, condoms, and lube. Of course, I’ve got my lingerie and shoes and other stuff. And as I said, I’ll be furnishing it over time as I am able.

I’ve already had a few dates, and everyone’s liked the setup. Maybe I’ll see you soon—maybe at my place.

Until then, sWeET dreams…

My New House

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5 thoughts on “My New House

  1. Place looks great just like we talked about!!!! You did a great job!! And fans don’t forget to remember her with a little donation during this difficult time!!

  2. Congratulations… That’s the first real asset I always encourage people to pursue. One guy had $175,000 about three years ago and lived in a rented house paying about $700 A month excluding utilities, and asked my opinion because he wanted to buy a fancy car among a few other things. Even if I did not have a degree in accounting, the answer simply lies in a bit of critical thinking. A rented house is okay on a temporary basis, and it is good not having to deal with the upkeep, but at the end of the day, you own nothing because it is simply not yours. Got his buddies to help with some of the renovation and is now a very happy man with his young son. Now he can go for the fancy car and even if the bank should for any reason repossess, he does not live in it anyway.
    Congrats again, great move. I know you’re a savvy business woman.

    COVID-19 restrictions are holding up my travels. Can’t wait to see again. No need to split hotel cost with me for sure.

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