I need to catch my breath. I’ve been so busy lately with regulars, it seems new clients might feel neglected because I’ve been getting blown up with texts, calls, and emails, so I’ve decided to rework my new client screening form. If we’ve already met, you’re fine. This form is not for you. If we haven’t, it’s a better way for me to get to know more about you. After all, you know all about me.

You’ll always win with my slot machine

Although I write it all over the place, completing the form doesn’t get you an appointment. You still need to text me afterwards. Think of it like an application or a lottery ticket. I get a lot of applications, but I only have enough time and energy to payout so much. So, text me to see if you’ve won and when you might be able to enjoy your payout.

Before you go

Be sure to read up about me. There’s a lot on this site, but here are some key pages:

New Client Screening

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