Two Erotic Monkey reviews a day apart. Keep ’em cumming. That’s my new motto. I may be Delaware’s Favorite Little Slut™, but I also know how to keep you cumming… and cumming… and cumming… and coming back for more.

Delaware’s Favorite Little Slut™

This review is from another reliable regular I’ve known for over a year and always comes through. This is his 4th review and the 3rd from the other regular. Like I said, I keep ’em cumming.

you gotta fuck me first

I think it’s fair to stuff the review ballot box just like you stuff my pussy. It’s like a democracy. For each fuck, you get to cast a vote. And these two have fucked me way more times than they’ve voted. So, if you want to vote, you gotta fuck me first. Blowjobs give you a vote, too.

You can read the review and check out some of the others while you’re at it.

Survey: What’s your favorite review?

Let me know what your favorite review is.

New Review: Better Girlfriend

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2 thoughts on “New Review: Better Girlfriend

  1. Damn baby all the reviews are great.Thats what makes you so fuckin special but remember…a picture paints 1000 words so Id vote for any one picture of you over any of the reviews.

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