Another positive review. First one in August. Keep ’em cumming, and I’ll keep you cumming. Everyone had his preferences, and I’m glad I’m able to satisfy so many of them. I’m here to please.

It makes me wonder if you could have me for one hour and do anything you wanted with me with no questions asked and I couldn’t refuse, what would you want?

How about an open survey?

  • Would it be as simple as staring at me for an hour?
  • Having dinner with me?
  • Having me for dinner (or a snack)?
  • Something you’ve just never done before?
  • Something super kinky?
  • A fetish?

I’d list more, but I don’t want to ‘lead the witnesses’ and give you any ideas—not that I could, I’m sure.

I don’t want any names or identifying information, but this could be fun, so let me know.

She's not saying no...
Please note that I may not reply to all responses, but feel free to reference that you completed this fantasy survey if you call or write me. I won't know who you are if you don't tell me.
New Review: Mad BJ Skills

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10 thoughts on “New Review: Mad BJ Skills

  1. Now that you mention it,a personal pic is a good idea especially for a guy who is not local and don’t get to see her as often as would like.
    I despise Covid for limiting travel this year, and am thinking my next date should make up for missed time – one that should be very special and memorable …and personal.

    1. Hang on don’t give up…she’s worth it. Everyone has a personal life ,but am sure she will get your cock scheduled.

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