As you all know, I read all of my reviews when I find them. I look for new comments on Erotic Monkey almost daily, and I recently got a very nice review from a regular. He’s written other reviews since he first discovered me. Since not everyone can access reviews on EM without paying, I copy reviews onto my site, and I know that besides the pictures, they are the most popular pages for guys to land on. I’ve got almost three dozen by now. One day. I’ll be at a hundred and have to think of something to do to celebrate. Anyone up for free celebration blowjobs? Just kidding.

Anyone up for free celebration blowjobs?

I know I deliver the best service, especially when my head is into it. And it’s always encouraging to know that my services are appreciated. I don’t mean writing a review after every time we fuck. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a diary, but I’m not stopping you.

You can read the review and check out some of the others while you’re at it.

Survey: What’s your favorite review?

Let me know what your favorite review is.

New Review: Sex Goddess

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