Hey guys. Again, I want to say that I’ve got the best customers around. You’ve been supportive and understanding. Some have been downright enthusiastic.

So, I try to keep up on what people are saying about me, and I try to capture any reviews as I find them. Someone (and I know who you are) just posted a nice review on Erotic Monkey.

If you post a review about our date — good or bad — it would be helpful if you could email or text me a link to it. If it’s in a place that needs an account and password, it would be helpful if you also sent the whole review so I can share it with my readers who might not have access.

Here’s another survey. 3 questions this time. I’d like to know if I should offer something to people who post reviews. Let me know what you think.


And my pregnancy survey is still open, if you haven’t already responded to it.

New Reviews

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