A lot of guys completed my piercing survey, but you can still take it because this is only about my nipples.

You guys are spit about fifty-fifty whether I should get my nipples pierced or not, but even about 20% who don’t prefer my nips pierced are supportive.

As anyone who’s met me knows, my nipples poke out quite a bit. They didn’t always poke out, but they’ve been this way since I got them pierced when I was a stripper. And I have to say that I love how they stick out. That’s why I really want to pierce them again.

I’m telling you in advance, that the nips will take a few weeks before they can take any attention, so they’ll be museum pieces not for touching until I give the OK, which I’ll probably do here.

I’ll be posting the pussy piercing results soon, so please stand by,

Nipple Piercing (Survey Results)

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