Some guys want to schedule a date ahead of time, but I don’t refer to do this because too often I’ve made plans or turned down other dates only to have the scheduled date fall through. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, and life happens. I understand that. Life happens with me, too.

The problem is that I am left expecting a donation to come through, so I’ve blocked my schedule. So, I am more than happy to block out time in advance for a date, but I need to be paid something in advance. The deposit may vary on how long you are asking to reserve and how well I know you, but please don’t be offended.

I understand that if you don’t know me, you may have concerns. But trust me, this is how I make my living. I rely on positive reviews, so it is not in my interest to flake on you. Things might come up, and I may need to reschedule, but this has never happened yet.

If you can’t show up, let me know in advance, and we’ll be fine. But don’t make it at the last moment, where I don’t have enough time to schedule another date in the time you reserved; otherwise, I’ll the deposit is non-refundable. If the date was to have included extra services, I may even ask for additional compensation before I’ll date you again.

Just to be clear, nobody with a deposit has flaked on me and left me high and dry, but I have had guys complaining when I request a deposit for a date a week or two in advance. Most guys have just agreed and sent the deposit by CashApp.

And, yes, I’ve written about this before, but I want to give people the opportunity to see it again.

No Deposit, No Return

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