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3 thoughts on “No Venmo

  1. Won’t use this app,and am very sceptic about cashapp after using it successfully before.Here is why.

    A girl who does a fair amount of touring asked me to purchase some vids and pics from her .It’s money that help with expenses so why not help a girl out.

    The problem is that cash app won’t accept my new credit card – telling me that “this credit card charges addition fees”.Then they ask for three verification and I supplied two including a back and front photo of my DL .The third they want me to link a bank account. There is no way am putting my bank info on some app.

    So I could not get pass the third verification. Got an email a few days ago saying I am approved but am done with it.Sticking to cash and the ‘good ole PayPal’.

  2. Cash is king. I can’t take PayPal because I’ve been burned. A regular customer that I’d dated many times…and usually paid in cash…paid by PayPal.

    And then he reversed the transaction. There is nothing I can do because PayPal requires proof of delivery of goods, so you know that’s not possible.

    So it’s cash or CashApp. I prefer cash anyway.

  3. Sorry to hear that a regular customer does that to you.See.. ,it’s people like those I don’t like ,makes you probably ask, who can be trusted.While I have never steal from anyone and have no intention of doing so , “they have muddied the waters” so to speak,and we all find ourselves in the same boat.

    But am fine with you taking the zero tolerance approach.As a small business person myself ,that’s the safest way to go in this world today.

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