Pardon the dust, but I’m expanding—spreading out onto Snapchat.

In addition to this blog, Facebook, and OnlyFans. I am now offering premium content on Snapchat. Some of this content will be different than my OnlyFans content and will disappear pretty quickly after I’ve posted it, so you’ll want to keep an eye peeled for updates. But I’ll be able to get around some of the content restrictions OnlyFans imposes.

A lifetime subscription only costs $25.

I just need your Snapchat name or SnapCode.

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To sign up for a lifetime membership to my premium Snapchat, I recommend using one of these methods:

ONE Cash, Baby

Obviously, cash is king. I prefer cash, so if you meet me in person, that’s the way to go. Many of you don’t live near me, and even if you do, you don’t want to wait. so you can sign up another way.

TWO CashApp

If cash is king, CashApp is queen. My CashApp is $ceecee6492. Leave your Snapchat username with your payment. If you hang with me on OnlyFans or somewhere else and want me to know who you are, just let me know what name you go by there, so I can make the connection.

THREE OnlyFans Tip

If you’re an OnlyFans fan, just let me know your Snapchat user name with a tip, you I’ve got you covered. Although I love my OnlyFans fans, if you are not one, just try one of the other options above.

Now on Snapchat

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