I prefer my dates to be with older men. When I am considering who to schedule, older guys go higher on my list. I have other factors, such as whether we’ve met before and how those dates went. As my screening form shows, I prefer regular clients to newer ones and older clients to younger ones. And just because we’ve met a few times doesn’t make you a regular. Maybe I’ll write a post about how you become a regular.

Why do I prefer older men?

Most older guys aren’t trying to prove a point or be running down a bucket list. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they’ve mostly been there and done that.

Older guys are usually lower key and calmer, and they aren’t trying to straight jackhammer-fuck for an hour and a half.

Older guys take a little time to warm up. They know their bodies a little better and aren’t trying to show off—except for the midlife crisis guys that need to prove to themselves that they’ve still got it.

Sex is a journey, not a destination

Older guys don’t need to cum ten times in thirty minutes. They enjoy quality over quantity, and they don’t need 42 position changes to keep the clock running.

Older guys will take their time, but they’ll enjoy the ride. Sex is a journey, not a destination, so older guys are more apt to take the scenic route.

For my older readers

Many older guys who haven’t met me may have performance issues, whether due to medical conditions, medication, or just nerves. That’s OK. Just so you know, I’ve spent an hour date with guys who either can’t get it up or just can’t cum.

First, don’t worry, we can just cuddle and play. A little talk, and I can suck your cock. For many guys this gets their cock hard enough to fuck. For some, they get hard, but it’s better for me to finish with my mouth or hand. Some guys won’t get hard at all, but don’t feel bad. If this is you, I can still make you feel good and cum. And you can still enjoy my warm body beside you while my warm mouth performs its magic.

When it comes to cocks, I know what I’m doing

Sometimes, the condom is the problem. I won’t BBBJ everyone, but if it feels right to me and the condom is getting in the way, I’ll suck your cock bare. Of the thousands of guys I’ve been with, I can count on one hand the number of those who I couldn’t make cum. And some of those revisited me and had better luck the second time because they felt more at ease. Trust me. When it comes to cocks, I know what I’m doing.

Am I hot or not?

I get many requests from guys telling me how handsome or athletic or well-endowed or great in bed they are. You may find it surprising that I don’t care. I’m in business to please you. Period. You don’t need to be handsome or rich. I don’t need athletic, and well-endowed is not something I need. And great in bed is for girlfriends and boyfriends not prostitutes, but we can help your ego.

You don’t need to be handsome or rich

I also get the guys who are nervous that they may disappoint based on their appearance. Maybe they haven’t aged well or are not as good-looking as they used to be. Maybe they’ve gained a few pounds. Now, I know that guys rate women relentlessly, especially prostitutes, but I am not rating you. I am non-judgmental. If you’ve get the cash, I’ve got the time.

This goes for performance, too. If you can’t quite perform, I am not judging you. You paid for your time. You’ll get it. You’ll probably even get off. But if you don’t, text me later and set up another date. It may work better the second time around.

What’s a perfect date?

I’ll be honest. A perfect date for you and a me are probably very different. For me, a perfect date is be for a guy to come into my room, say hi, and hand me his donation. We’d drop our pants, I’d bend over the bed, and he’d put on a condom and fuck me from behind for a few minutes until he cums. We’d pull our pants back up and exchange thank-yous before he leaves.

fuck me from behind for a few minutes

Except for a short stay (SS) or quick visit (QV), this is probably not most guys’ idea of a perfect date—though for enough, it is. I know what many guys want, but I’d love to read your ideas of your perfect date in the comments section.

What about “normal” dates?

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy regular dates. I like a little chit-chat. Especially with regulars, so we get to know each other. And I have a good memory. I’ll remember what you like and don’t like.

And I like my mouth on a hard cock—or on a cock on it’s way to get hard. Once it’s hard, I want you to fuck me with it until you cum. From behind is my favorite position—either doggy or standing and leaning over.

I like my mouth on a hard cock

I’m good at what I do, and I’ll make you feel good. That’s what’s matters. I’m the professional. When you visit a mechanic or a doctor, you don’t exchange services, and there’s no need for you to please me. Just be courteous, and you’ve done your part. It’s pretty easy.

I can get into GFE or get wet and wild with PSE, and fetish is fun, too. These shake things up a bit, but they also take up more energy and concentration.

In the end, you just need to remember that I am a service provider, and I am at your service. My goal is to give you pleasure so you want to come back, and you want to spread the word as fast as I can spread my legs.

What about the young guns?

I get plenty of young guys. Most of them are fine, but if there’s a problem, it’s usually—but not always—a younger guy. And problem may not be the right word, but these are the guys who jack off before we meet so they can last longer, like it’s some sort of contest. Or these guys think I’ll be impressed if they fuck hard and fast. The only one they’re impressing is themselves because no one else is watching—unless you want them to.

no one else is watching

Young guys still have a chance with me, they are just a little lower on the list, so it may take longer before we actually get together.

What do you guys think?

Older Men & Perfect Dates

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6 thoughts on “Older Men & Perfect Dates

  1. I think you’re entitled to whatever preferences you want and if someone doesn’t like it they can go somewhere else. But all of that is why I enjoy seeing you, no pressure or judgment. I’m a confident enough guy but it’s easy to let stuff get in your head. You’re excellent at not letting it, and I thank you for that. I hope you’re doing well.

  2. I say amen to all that ; nothing to add because you covered it all – a true professional with a good head on her shoulders (so to speak), and I mean that, mentally, literally and figuratively (good head). That’s why I like her.

  3. Hi Stacey…I am glad to see you are doing well. As others have stated…I also think you are entitled to your preference in who you date. You are a perfect provider and I have enjoyed every date I have experience with you. I hope to see you soon babe. Be safe.

  4. Stacy have tried several times to get in touch with you, I believe that I filled out the screening document, you have messaged me back in a timely manner but we have just never been able to make it work, my schedule is usually the issue. I am now however retired and looking forward to making something work. Now as for the comparison between younger and older clients, I only have one thing to say about that, what I used to do all day, now takes me all day to do and to date I have no complaints, so older and wiser, I am not sure, but still having a good time.

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