OnlyFans has announced that dropping support for sex workers was a misunderstanding, and that they were not being pressured by their credit card handlers—Mastercard. This was an easy conclusion to arrive at given how they did this witch hunt to Backpage and some of the now-forgotten successors. It was such a pain in the ass trying to transact in Bitcoin and gift cards.

I say “yet” because there the same meddlesome Christian groups are pressuring congress to investigate OnlyFans for child exploitation. Not that this couldn’t happen, but the 6 weeks it took for me to get vetted and the weeks of additional time for the guys I have in my videos suggests that these guys go over and above in their screening. And if some people are sneaking in through the backdoor and selling kid pics, then shut down every mall and public building. It’s easy to say, ‘hey, we found evidence of people of doing illegal things—and think about the children. Shut down Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Fuck, just shut down the entire internet. And stop allowing people to lock their doors and assemble in large groups. They might be engaging in illegal activities.

Sorry for sounding off, but this shit pisses me the fuck off. FOSTA/SESTA fucked over a lot of sex workers and put them in harms way, forcing them to do riskier activities. One BIG reason I am trying to grow my online base with things like OnlyFans is that it is safer than for me to meet up with strangers. I know a lot of you guys are cool (mostly and most of the time <wink>), but it only takes once.

I know girls who have been raped, beaten, robbed, kidnapped, and who knows what else. So for all of the bitching about the quality of the girls, there’s a problem with the quality of the guys. It’s not me, and it’s probably not you. But then it happens.

And when good avenues get blocked, people get desperate. The girls try to make ends meet doing shady shit, and the guys get pent up because they can’t just pick from a reliable menu. Instead, they have to wade through scads of spam and fake ads.

We’re human.

There is something to be said to having regulars. I know my regulars have their moments. I know that I have my moments. We’re human. Humans have moments. And hummus. And Hamas. And hammocks and havoc. But every time you try a new girl or I try a new guy (or girl), it’s a lottery. We don’t all get winners. Mostly, we get ordinary people. But sometimes, we just get more than we bargained for.

So let’s hope OnlyFans gets through this, and I am still working on setting up my own subscription service here. But at least the urgency has made this less pressing.

Thank you for all who encourage and support me. You know who you are, and I tell you in private. Of course, for those who make content with me, you get an extra sort of encouragement in pink.

OnlyFans is Not Dead…

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2 thoughts on “OnlyFans is Not Dead…

  1. It would be nice if you were offered the same respect as other entrepreneurs. Fact was that backpage made things safer for everyone, including kids. It’s never made sense to criminalize adults making adult decisions and it’s the height of hubris to believe yourself better because you make different decisions.

    Hope to make much more content with you and show you the respect you are owed doing it.

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