Should I send out another survey?

Just kidding, but I’ve been thinking. I know I’ve been flogging my OnlyFans site, and I’ve got a lot of fans over there. Most of you I know in person—or at least we’ve met. I look at the statistics they provide, and I can’t see who is doing what exactly, but I can see who likes and comments. What I want to know is two things about likes and comments.


Why do people tell me how much they like a photo or video by private message? Do me a favor and put it out there in the public. Let the other fans know what you like. It doesn’t take much to write a comment, but it takes almost nothing to click LIKE.


And speaking of clicking LIKE, I can see how many people have seen a post. I can even see when you (not personally tho) view something more than once.

It tells me something like, this photo has been viewed 1,000 times by 250 people. Obviously, people are viewing it on average 4 times each, or someone is just viewing the fuck out of it. But then I see that it has 11 likes. I am left thinking that people like it enough to view multiple times, but not enough to click LIKE. Even worse is that they had 4 chances to click LIKE. It’s not like, “Oops, I forget to click”. It’s like that times 4.

Case in point. As of now, this photo of my pussy has been viewed 81 times, and only 1 person has liked it. Thanks, Andy!! To be fair, there are two comments. Thanks, Andy!! And KH was kind enough to comment “Fuck ya Stacey!”, but he didn’t click LIKE. At least he commented, so he’s a step above the rest… except for Andy. lol

Stacey’s Pussy

You don’t need to sign up at OnlyFans and you don’t need to LIKE or comment if you do, but I do appreciate the extra love. I don’t get paid extra for LIKEs or comments. This isn’t like YouTube, but it’s nice encouragement.

OnlyFans Lurkers

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6 thoughts on “OnlyFans Lurkers

  1. You are absolutely right Stacey….. it’s not brain surgery… I enjoy helping u out anyway possible… honored to be one of your regulars and one of your top fans… keep up the outstanding work…

  2. I need to spend a little more time there ,and that I will do.You have an awesome body (quite photogenic too), that deserve much more complement.

  3. I generally like everything once I get around to it. I usually take a peek at what you have going on and get around to liking it whenever. In other words, I’m probably responsible for a lot of multiple views before clicking like. My bad.

  4. Well the lack of likes might simply be because its not available to click. I came here from TER. I can see everything but i cant click like . Maybe a bug – i dont know. But the comment section is open.
    That said – i wish i have had the pleasure of your company, unfortunately never happened yet. Maybe one day when or if you ever respond to your fan.(one of many i am sure)

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