The other day, I posted a survey here and on my OnlyFans page, and I first wanted to share the results. Now I know what you guys want, so I can get to work and produce content, as they say in the biz. I’m keeping the survey live, but there are some obvious favorites.

But before I do, I gotta ask who’s paying for some of these? I’m trying to earn some extra cash—not spend it all of toys and props. haha

To be fair, I did include some of these myself, but still… a fucking machine? a sybian? a pony? (just kidding. no one’s asking for ponies.)

Boys and Girls and Solo

  1. Boy-Girl
  2. Solo
  3. Girl-Girl

And now for the volunteers. Until then, I’m going (mostly) solo.

Solo Shots

  1. Extreme Closeups
  2. Masturbation with Toys
  3. Masturbation without Toys
  4. Just Nude
  5. Sexy Lingerie
  6. Outdoor/Public Shots

Full disclosure, extreme closeups and masturbation with toys were almost a tie. I’ll be sure to share the shots from my next gynecological exam with yins all. Of course, I can always masturbate with toys close up. haha

I’ll be sure to share the shots from my next gynecological exam

There wasn’t much interest in public shots, and lingerie was lower than I was expecting, so I hope you won’t be disappointed too much.

Toys Я Us

  1. Butt Plugs
  2. Dildos
  3. Vibrators
  4. Fuck Machine
  5. Fruits & Vegetables
  6. Pussy Vacuum
  7. Nipple Clamps
  8. Bondage ware

OK. So, I’m noticing another trend here. On top of butt plugs, there were some write-in requests for anal training. I’m glad pussy vacuum and nipple clamps are lower on the list because I don’t have any anyway. I’ll chalk up bondage ware as lingerie, but you guys really just want full on nudity. And that part’s free.

OnlyFans Survey Results

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9 thoughts on “OnlyFans Survey Results

  1. Wow…Kind of surprising on some things….but with your body of a sexual goddess the solo and close-up certainly makes sense.

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