Hey guys. I created an OnlyFans account a while ago, but I will finally be adding content. Unfortunately, I can’t post any pictures or videos until I’ve been verified, but you can still bookmark my site.

There will be both free and paid content. Plus I’ll continue to post here—even though I’ve slowed down posting recently. The free content will be similar if not identical to here, though I won’t be posting photos here anymore. I’ll be posting there instead. I’ll only be charging for the ‘good’ pictures and video. You know what I mean.

For now, check out my new digs and bookmark me. Leave a note on either or both places to let me know you’re there (and/or here).


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6 thoughts on “OnlyFans

  1. Link? And that’s awesome, I’ll definitely be a paid subscriber. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve perused your pics and maybe had a few private thoughts. It’ll be nice to see you more often.

    1. Unfortunately, I’m fighting with their management. They say their site can’t be used to promote prostitution, but I am trying to tell them that I am not using their site to drive traffic here. I’m trying to drive traffic there and get traffic from people who don’t even live near me.

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