I’m going to start working smarter instead of harder, so I don’t have to literally bust my ass trying to pay my rent. I’m not going anywhere, but I’ve been procrastinating this for so long.

I’m going to be offering videos, exclusive pictures, panties, and whatever else you guys might want, but I’m still working out the details. A girl needs to eat more than cock to survive.


Have you ever wondered how cocksucking got such a bad rap? I’ve heard people call other people out as cocksuckers—like it’s a bad thing. I mean, who doesn’t like cocksuckers… anyone with a cock, I’m saying. To be fair, I have met guys who don’t like blowjobs. To each his own. I suppose these guys can have a grievance against cocksuckers. But if you like getting your dick sucked, how can this be an insult? You might as well call someone a good cook or a pet lover. IDK. It’s just weird to me. Cocksuckers should be put up on a pedestal and worshipped.

It’s a mutual worship, actually. You can worship my lips and skills, and I can worship your cock. Win-Win.

Who doesn’t love a cunt?

And then there’s calling someone a cunt. Who doesn’t love a cunt? How do these become insults? I mean, I guess if you’re a gay male, maybe you’ve got a thing against cunts, but I don’t think everyone who calls someone a cunt is gay. I could be wrong, but when I hear a guy call someone a cunt, my first thought is that guy must be a cocksucker. J/K

If anyone knows why these are bad things, let me know in the comments.

What are you waiting for? Your cock is not gonna suck itself.

Stacey just getting started

As the guy in the picture knows, I am a cocksucker. Here I’m sucking of his well-endowed cock, a regular who likes to share his pictures and videos, so I can share some with you. Of course, I’m saving the best ones for my new endeavor.

You can find a few more of these pictures in my photo gallery.

I am a cocksucker

I’m sure you can imagine that this is your cocking I’m sucking on, but you can text me and make it happen. If you know me, hit me up. If not, just fill out my screening form and then hit me up. You know where to find my rates.

You probably already know that I offer photo and video services if you want to be the one getting the action. And you can share them with me, or you can keep them to yourself. I won’t share them unless you give me permission, and you identity will remain anonymous unless you give me your handle and I’ll give you props.

What are you waiting for? Your cock is not gonna suck itself. Call me. I can help.

Panties in a Bunch

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4 thoughts on “Panties in a Bunch

  1. I didn’t know why you weren’t doing it before, honestly. Onlyfans is a thing, cam girls too. Gotta be more than a few avenues of approach. Hell, even pornhub has some profit sharing. Maybe I can add porn star to my own resume…

    1. Ya. Some of the popular sites are owned by the same parent companies, to milk more money from cam girls. Some are scams, and some don’t allow providers to charge in the US. Onlyfans.com is the best I am finding. I would do it myself, but the administration and subscriptions handling could get to be a bit much, and services want too large of a chunk up front. I’d rather give up a percentage until I build up enough traction.

  2. Definitely should never be portrayed to be an insult, but indeed a mutual win-win.Guess anything can be hurled as an insult,even though in reality they make no sense.

    Yes ,always be business savvy and take advantage of all opportunities.

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