I recently upgraded my phone, and a lot of my contacts didn’t come across. This creates a problem since I screen my calls and texts, so I don’t have names for a lot of guys I used to have in my contacts.

If I am not getting back to you, this could be why. Here’s what you need to do. Either fill out this form, or shoot me a text letting me know what your name is or how I should reference you and some information about how and when we met, so I can get you in my contact list.

How should I refer to you?
Describe where and when we met.Any information that will help me to remember you. If we've met more than once, let me know.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload an image of yourself. It might help me to know who you are.
Phone Home

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2 thoughts on “Phone Home

    1. Hey Dark. It’s from about a month ago, and you are one of the people I DON’T have listed. Like you, I am still getting people who I know, but since I don’t recognize their numbers, they end up lower on my priority list. What I am asking is that they at the very least send me a text with a with a comment like “Hey, it’s Blue Balls Bill from Baltimore. We hooked up a couple times a year or so in Boston”. A picture would be even better especially if it’s been some time or we’ve only met once or twice. Unfortunately, it still might take a while for me to get back to you because unknown numbers can go unread for quite a while.

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