It’s about time for me to post another photo series, and I want it to show off my pregnancy, so I’m offering a holiday season special for a limited time only.

If you follow me and my posts, you know that I offer erotic and nude modelling services for a fee. For the remainder of 2019, for anyone who pays for an hour date with me, whether incall or outcall, you can take photos of me for no extra charge.

I plan to share some or all of these photos here on my site. I will not mention your name or publish any photos with anyone but me in it, unless you ask me to. If you want me to mention your name or website when I post, I would be glad to. Just let me know.

But there’s a catch (the small print)

  1. The photo shoot time is a part of the 1-hour date. If you feel you need more time for activity or additional shots, please book more time, so I can plan accordingly.
  2. I will be the model and primary director choosing shots and poses, BUT I am very open to hearing any ideas you have, so I can decide if they would be good to shoot.
  3. I will keep a copy of all photos and will decide which pictures to share and when to share them. I might recommend using my phone for pictures.
  4. Photos may be as explicit as you want I reserve the right to withhold ‘bad’ photos, stupid looking facial expressions, bad poses, and so on. If you happen to be in a photo, it will NOT be published here or anywhere unless you give explicit permission to do so.
  5. Any pictures not published by me are for your own private use only and not for commercial use unless I give you explicit permission to do so.
  6. This promotion is only for a free up-charge for photos. Any other up-charge activities will still be charged the usual rate.

I’ll be posting an ad on CityX, but you just need to text me to let me know you are interested. Regulars and previous dates get priority access.

Photo Finish

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3 thoughts on “Photo Finish

  1. Before I saw you I mentioned doing this for you. Then when I got there I forgot all about it. I may have to come see you again a little earlier than I planned.

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