Just Wow. I have the best clients. Five guys sent me this article about police activity in Claymont.

I’m glad this is over in my neck of the woods, and even more that I missed the drama. These guys must have been pressing hard to catch these drug dealers, but all is calm now. I’m sure they’re onto their next big operation.

Sometimes I worry about hosting at a cheap location, but I can’t have all of my money going to pay for expensive places. Sometimes I splurge, but its not always worth it if I can’t cover the cost.

To the guys who are looking out for me and who linked this, thanks again. The coast is clear, give me a call, and let’s have some adult fun.

Police Action

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2 thoughts on “Police Action

  1. Your location is fine, I mean once you go in for the first time. From the article it didn’t sound like there were any actual victims of any crimes, just arrests on warrants and possession. Even a gun is legal in your own property as long as you’re not barred from owning one. But yeah, sounds like they were busy.

    Hope you are doing well, still have a bit of spank bank material for a while.

  2. Stacy is tidy and clean wherever she stays. Due to the dregs that have done things to hurt and scare her she is overly selective who she dates and that has made things a bit more difficult for her. We should feel fortunate that we are on the “IN” with her. She is too proud to ask so she continues to work hard to please. This is the holiday season so I hope all who can will remember the joy she provides us and gift her as we do those others in our lives who brighten our world. When things turn around for Stacy and I think we all know they will, when you compare her to the other dates out there, her accommodations will improve for her and her dates. Quality is her. What other provider offers such an “open book” website?

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