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3 thoughts on “Prêt à porter

  1. Baby you need a current review cause your so damn hot and visitors don’t know what they are missing.WTF no reviews since December?? So here it goes:
    Stacey is so hot look at her pics!! She is sweet smart and crazy good…spinner body with a sweet pussy that melts in your mouth with her succulent breast is in your hand.Stacey’s bbbj is second to no one as she takes her time and takes direction well.If she doesn’t finish you that way(and you can take it) the main attraction is even better. My preference is to watch her mount and ride but she can take a pounding doggy or you will love taking her missionary as you launch upon that self lubricating love nest.The only problem with being with Stacey is there are so many options and for me only one release.I want them all every time so after every date I crave the next one.This babe is a keeper and with such a great menu you will never get your fill.She truly enjoys her time with you and satisfying is her middle name

    1. Thanks I always enjoy our weekly meet ups!! You know I aim to satisfy everytime!! Miss you! See you when i get back!! Kisses!

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