I sucked this cock with a gauged Prince Albert piercing. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy with this huge thing dangling down my throat the entire time.

This was a unique experience. In order to suck his cock properly, I had to deep throat the steel, but I had a great time.

Getting this in my pussy was its own challenge. It took me a couple of tries. Don’t try this at home.*

This guy gave me permission to share this photo, and there are a couple more on my OnlyFans site.

* OK. If you get the chance, you totally should try this at home, but this is not for beginners or the feint of heart.

Prince Albert

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2 thoughts on “Prince Albert

  1. My guess is you LOVED his titanium extension! How was the jewelry feeling inside of you as it dragged inside your pussy? I guess this dude is pretty cool and sex positive?

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