So many guys; so little time.

This weekend I dedicated to seeing new customers. Not exclusively. I did see some known faces, but it was mostly new people. Because I’ve been so busy with regulars lately, my goal was to dedicate some time for these guys who are usually near the end of my list and don’t get return texts for days or weeks.

So many guys; so little time

I needed to assess these new clients to know if I want to eventually give them my home address for incalls, so I booked a room in New Castle. I had a few outcalls, too. Hopefully, some will be repeat customers, Some may even one day become regulars. We’ll see.

Besides knocking out a lot of dates, it also allowed me to test my new screening process, which worked like a charm. I should add a ‘no dick pics’ condition, but let’s hope that isn’t necessary.

Raining Men

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5 thoughts on “Raining Men

  1. looks like you are doing good babe… guess I need to find a new provider… thank you for all your good times we had together…. good luck. Still luv u if u need me…

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