If you are ready for some awesome action, I am, too!

If you’ve already completed a client screening form or seen me, then hit me up this weekend or today. I you haven’t, submit a form and text me.

You’ve obviously found my site, so if you haven’t yet, check out my reviews and read some of my blog postings.

Speaking of Action

About a month ago, I posted a survey at the bottom of a post asking about MSOG.

MSOG Chart

Some guys aren’t so into getting off more than once a session. Some guys don’t even one, and for many more than one is unlikely in the first place.

For those into MSOG, most guys prefer to take a break between cums, time to build up some more steam. A few just keep going just to be sure they don’t lose their mojo with a break.

If you’ve got any ideas for another survey, leave a comment below.

Ready for Action?

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One thought on “Ready for Action?

  1. Completed the form a couple days ago. Intrigued with your personality, etc. Would like to meet you when you can fit me in. Best, Bob

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