What makes a regular a regular? A reliable repeat schedule.

Regulars are people I trust that get special treatment over others. Generally, regulars see me on a certain schedule—every Tuesday afternoon or Saturday night, the last day of the month, or every other Wednesday. They are reliable, and so they special deals. Maybe there’s a discount. Maybe there’s a premium service special. As the saying goes, I make up the difference in volume, so it’s a win-win situation.

I make up the difference in volume

For example, say I agree to see a certain regular every Sunday morning and he gets a 30-minute outcall at an incall rate. Not only isn’t this rate for everyone; it’s not even for him unless he remains a regular.

We all know that things happen, and maybe he misses a week—or I do. That’s OK. I hope that I still get something on top of advance notice, but that’s another story. If he needs to reschedule once and again—maybe shift to the next day or so—, that’s fine.

it’s a win-win situation

Just to be clear, regulars don’t need to see me on the same day at the same time. They just need to be reliable, so I can count on regular and timely donations. That’s why regulars get special deals. But if you become an irregular, the special offers disappear.

Being a regular is a two-way thing. You may want to be a regular, but I may not be ready for another regular. I may want you to be a regular, and you may not want to be one. No big deal. Don’t take it personally. If it was personal, we wouldn’t be meeting at all.

Regular Regulars

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3 thoughts on “Regular Regulars

  1. Sadly, after a year and a half I had to walk away.Nothing to do with Stacey’s remarkable skills and amazing companionship.Just something personal that I hope Stacey and I can keep between us.She is by far the best around and I hope someone worthy and generous can fill my spot.Will always be her biggest fan from the outside looking in and I have nothing negative to say about anything about her and she knows I wish her the best always.

  2. I’m far from a regular. I’ve only seen Stacey about half a dozen times over the last few years. Not that I wouldn’t like to be one. She was always great. I’m a regular guy so can’t indulge as often as I’d like. Still next time I’m extra flush I hope you guys will give her a break so I can sneak in again. 😜

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