Aug 02, 2019

What a cutie. Stacey is about the most accommodating provider I’ve ever met. She makes you feel right at home from the start. Highly recommended.

I showed up at stacey’s hotel and she sent me her room number. she wasn’t wearing pants when she answered the door, and she greeted me with a style. after the formalities, her top was off too. her sexy smile drew me in for a kiss and she probed my mouth lightly with her tongue and i returned the favor,

“Her tits are to die for”

Erotic Monkey

stacey has a cute little pussy and her tits are to die for. I suckled on her pokey nipples and groped the twins. i reached down and felt her sopping wet pussy but not for long because she was on her knees sucking me off in a moment. stacey knows how to please with her mouth. once I was ready she leaned over on the bed and invited me in. I took her standing. her pussy is so tight. i’m not sure she’s actually 23 but she’s probably definitely over 18. I was able to squeeze her tits and pinch her nips as i took her from behind. at one point I was just standing there and she was grinding and doing all the work until i nutted on her back

“Stacey was obviously built for sex”

Erotic Monkey

I took her missionary after a chat break. stacey was obviously built for sex. i pounded her pussy and kissed her the entire time. i told her i was ready to cum in her mouth and she said it was ok. so i fucked her face for a few strokes until i came. she turned her head to let it spill out on the sheets. i gave her pussy a couple more pumps for good measure and we parted ways.

i’ll definitely keep her number close at hand and try some of her other services

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