February 2020

I don’t use this phrase lightly: All time favorite.

I first met Stacey when she was pregnant, maybe it was a turn on maybe it wasn’t (a boy doesn’t kiss and tell). Motherhood has treated her well though; her body is perfectly petite which is a huge plus for me. But let’s get down to brass tax: Stacey is a special kind of girl. Sure, she’s selling sex for money, and a lot of guys will treat girls like that poorly, so screw you if you’re one of them. But she’s very sweet with a nice personality, intelligent, and enjoys her time with me. If you treat her well, she will return ten fold.

Stacey is a special kind of girl

Nothing too much to tell about the experience except that she is very accommodating. I’ve found it difficult to enjoy my time with other girls, even suffering from a little stage freight a time or two. But Stacey puts me at ease, sucks my dick with that amazing tongue action, and just gets me going. A little BJ, DATY, finishing up with some missionary and we were back to talking about life. Next time I see her I’ll get a little more adventurous I suppose but for now I had a fantastic experience.

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