May 08, 2019

Stacey is a very pretty and sexy young lady.

Down to earth and very good at what she does….also very honest which is something very hard to come by.

She greeted me with a long kiss and let the robe slip open

Erotic Monkey

I contacted Stacey by text and it was very easy to set up our date. I met her at her place and was greeted at the door by a beautiful young woman with long auburn red hair. She was wearing a robe and motioned for me to come in. Once inside she greeted me with a long kiss and let the robe slip open….she was wearing a nice purple teddy, one of my favorite colors, and she filled it out very nicely, to say the the least. She led me to her bedroom where she took the robe off and we sat on the bed. We sat and talked for awhile to get to know one another and it was like talking to a long lost friend. We started feeling each other up and kissing…..I started kissing her on her tummy and then moved down to her inner thighs and finally to her sweet pussy……it was already wet when I got there and I just couldn’t get enough of it. She definitely came a couple of times between me eating her out and her fingering herself while I was rimming and tonguing her ass. All I can say is WOW. I’ll just leave it at that…

She definitely came a couple of times

Erotic Monkey

She is my all time favorite. She is definitely a keeper and I’ll be back to see her very soon.

Treat her right she’s a nice girl!!

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