May 30, 2019

When I met Stacey for the first time, I knew I had to have more, and so I set up a second meeting with more time and activities planned.

I wanted to control the atmosphere, so I had her come to my hotel suite, texting me as she was getting closer. She arrived right on time. When I opened the door, it was apparent that she remembered me. I know I remembered her. Even though the weather was warm, she was wearing a long coat.

She arrived right on time

She wore her long hair down. It was a reddish tone that looked nice on her. She smiled deviously and leaned in for a full-on hard kiss, managing to drop her coat in the process. When we were done locking lips, I stepped back and admired her outfit… if you could call it that. It became obvious why she wore the coat. It was sheer and very short. Stacey is short, and it barely covered her ass. And that’s a good thing. Her heels only helped to accentuate her sweet ass.

Stacey’s got an ample C cup

After taking in the view, I leaned back in for a hug and squeezed her awesome ass before sliding the straps off her shoulders to unleash her breasts. Stacey’s got an ample C cup, and her nipples are screaming for attention, so I couldn’t resist a nibble.

her nipples are screaming for attention

She kicked off her heels and finished removing her top, but she left on her leggings. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

She knows how to suck a cock.

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I undressed myself, too, and moved onto the couch to get cozy. I sat on the sofa, and she just went down on me with barely a hesitation. I remembered her oral skills, and she knows how to suck a cock. She had me hard in no time, so she handed me a cover before she leaned over on the couch and motioned for me to get behind her. I was inside in no time. Stacey lubricates well naturally. Her pussy was as tight as I remembered.

Stacey lubricates well naturally

I suggested we head to the bedroom, and she brought her overnight bag and set it beside the bed. She leaned over on the side of the bed, but I decided I wanted to eat out her sweet pussy. Her pussy is very small but it was very tasty. I could tell she showered before she came over, and she was freshly shaven. Maybe she waxes. I need to ask next time.

Her pussy is very small … very tasty

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I was ready to take another plunge, and so I did. I asked if she’d be more comfortable on the bed. She said she didn’t care either way, but she turned around, dropped to her knees, grinned evilly, and took me all the way down again, her brown eyes looking up at me. I thought about taking off the cover and going BBBJ, but she stood up and got into doggy on the bed.

I remounted her. The view was perfect, and I was able to play with her breasts while I was busy pumping. I asked if she was OK if I fingered her ass. She lowered herself into lazy dog and grabbed some lube from her bag. I guessed that was a yes. I played with her asshole for a while and managed to insert a couple of fingers. She was tight back there, so I asked if anal was on the menu. She said that Greek was another 100 kisses.

She … offered her open mouth as a target

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No problemo. Without skipping a beat, I swapped holes. I’m not an overly thick guy, but she was extremely tight. I kept adding more lube and went slowly. She seemed uncomfortable, but she was vocal and kept telling me to keep going and fuck her ass. I don’t get much anal, so I came faster than I wanted to.

When I pulled out, she rolled the rubber off and cleaned my cock with her mouth. I could tell I had another run in me and we still had 40 minutes left on the clock. I decided to go down on her again, and she must have been excited because she came hard and fast.

she let me finger her kitty and ass

As we made small talk, she let me finger her kitty and ass as she played with my cock and balls. She even slid her finger in my ass as she went down on me until I showed signs of life.

She unwrapped a fresh condom, and I decided on old school mish. Having her laying under me and looking up at me was bliss, and she asked me to kiss her while we fucked. I told her that I wanted to fuck her ass again but on her back, and she squirted some lube on her hand to apply, and she gave me the bottle. I’ve never done this position before, and it was amazing. I tried to play with her tits and clit, and I even managed a couple of fingers in her cooch.

I was starting to lose my hardon, so I asked if I could switch back to her pussy, and I did. I was on the edge, so I told her I wanted to come on her face. She said to go for it and offered her open mouth as a target. Considering I had just come earlier, I was surprised at how much I splashed on her, trying my best to hit her mouth like some carnival game, but I mostly missed and hit her chin and cheeks. She cleaned me up with her mouth again before going into the bathroom to get a washcloth. She brought one back for me, too.

all-time favorite provider

All in all, Stacey is now my all-time favorite provider. I can’t afford to visit as often as I’d like, which would be daily if not a couple of times a day. I get the feeling that she doesn’t say no to much very often.

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