September 2020

She is thin but very shapely with long blondish hair. Her breasts should have poems written about them – as should her deliciously round ass. She is both hot and pretty.

five-star talent for blow jobs

Sexy, pretty, warm and sweet describes Stacey for me. She greeted me topless and, let me report, she has the most beautiful breasts with incredibly inviting nipples. Her long blondish hair curtains a lovely face – exciting eyes and moist lips lifted in a smile. Without sharing too much of the intimacies through which she guided me I can say she displays a titillating expertise in each of the sexual acts of pleasure – but with a clear five-star talent for blow jobs. Oh seeing that beautiful face bobbing up and down… After that a pleasant chat and easy lying together until the end of the hour, she hugged and kissed me goodbye. Rest assured I will return. And soon.

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