October 2019

Pregnant Stacey might be even better than before. She’s still the best provider around.

Erotic Monkey

I ‘ve already reviewed Stacey back in May. This time I visited her in Claymont. The room wasn’t as nice, but who goes for a room? She’s obviously been living out of there. When she advertised that she was pregnant, I had to see her again.

what was noticeable were her tits

True to her word, she was pregnant, but it wasn’t very noticeable, so I’ll be calling on her again in a month or so. She also mentioned that she had died her hair purple. Once she told me, I could tell, but like her belly, it wasn’t very noticeable. When she came out of the bathroom, what was noticeable were her tits. For those who don’t know, Stacey has quite the rack for a tiny girl. And now they’re bigger, and her nips are as responsive as before.

I was really tempted to fuck her boobs

Evidently, pregnancy made her big nips a bit tender, so I didn’t get to suck on them for as long as I would have liked. I was really tempted to fuck her boobs, but I let her warm me up with her mouth. I didn’t bring enough cash for her Greek option, but I got that earlier. Maybe I’ll revisit next time when her belly is riper.

She was shaven or waxed down there

She got me hard quick, but I wanted to go down on her before the main event. Pregnancy makes her pussy lips swollen and puffy, so that was interesting and nice. Not like before. She was shaven or waxed down there, which was also nice. Stacey is a very tasty girl.

Her pussy just auto-lubes when she’s ready

I suited up to indulge in her love hole. Since she wasn’t really showing, missionary was still an option, and I started there. She is literally made for fucking. Her pussy just auto-lubes when she’s ready. She was as tight as I remember and although it might have been my imagination, her pussy felt hotter than before.

She still rides like a champ

She flipped when I asked her to, and I did her K9 before asking her to hop on top. She still rides like a champ. I like to finish bare, so I pulled out so she could finish me with her mouth. She never disappoints. I filled her warm mouth, and she retreated to the bathroom to dispose of the little culprits.

definitely not a clock watcher

She licked me cleaner and I fondled her boobs for a while longer until it was time for me to leave. She’s definitely not a clock watcher. I can’t wait until she’s a little bigger as long as she gets small again). I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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