September 2021

Stacey is very accommodating and really knows how to please. She said yes to everything I wanted.

It was not the easiest to hook up with Stacey. She was offering service with a second provider, but I wanted to try her one on one. I’m not sure why she would need a second girl. After some coordination, I got her room number in a decent hotel and went up. She opened the door in just an open silky robe not hiding much. A quick chat to verify I was legit and her robe was on the floor and she was on the bed. I felt I was running behind, so I quickly undressed.

she fit the whole thing into her mouth to my balls

I don’t have the largest cock, but I was still surprised that she fit the whole thing into her mouth to my balls in seconds flat. When her mouth brought my dick to full mast she laid back and spread the most perfect bald pussy from her ad. I wanted to eat her but she said that was GFE, so I passed for this time but definitely on the list for next time. She helped me put on a cover, and I slipped inside her. She was very slippery. And though she was extremely snug, I fit inside her like a hand in a glove.

I knew I was about to cum so I stopped myself and told her to finish K9. She was on her knees in no time, and I was ramming her from behind. What a view. I reached around to grab her tits from where I was. She really took a pounding until I couldn’t hold back anymore. I was thinking of pulling out and cumming on her ass and back, but I wasn’t quick enough, but I wasn’t complaining.

I’m definitely coming back

She got up and brought me a wet wipe and cleaned me off with it. She offered me a second go, but I wasn’t up for it. She did suck my cock for a bit and she might have been able to get me off before, but I already knew I was going to hit her up again. I got dressed and left with an ear to ear shit eating grin. I’m definitely coming back and maybe even try it with her and her friend if that’s still available. Highly recommended, but treat her right.

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