Jun 21, 2019

I recommend Slutty Stacey. She’s a living doll. She was pretty easy to connect with to meet at her place. Standard two-call verification. Worth the drive if you have to.

I recommend Slutty Stacey. She’s a living doll.

Erotic Monkey

I don’t live very close to Claymont, but I decided to take the drive to visit Stacy at her place. I’m glad I did. I was nervous to meet her because I couldn’t find any history with her phone number, but she told me about her old phone number, and she’s got mostly very positive reviews.

She offers in and out visits

She offers in and out visits, but I wanted to save my dimes. Her place is a typical house with accessible parking. She got me near her place and then gave me her address once I was close enough. Easy drive from there.

She’s a skilled kisser

She was over-dressed for the occasion, but we took care of that fast. She closed the door and kissed me warmly when I opened the doors. She’s a skilled kisser. Then she walked me to her bedroom.

We chatted to break the ice and she asked what I wanted. I had already seen her website after I saw her ad so I knew pretty much what was on the menu. She does offer Greek, but I didn’t want to spend the upcharge on a first date.

Her mouth is not just skilled at kissing

She was wearing high high heels and lingerie and asked if I would prefer something else. I told her I preferred her to be naked, and in a blink she was…sort of, as she was standing in her heels and black stockings fastened to a garter belt.

she went deep

As I undressed, I told her I wanted a BJ and she reached for a condom and asked if I wanted covered or not. I opted for BBBJ. Her mouth is not just skilled at kissing. Sometimes it takes a while for me to settle in with a new provider, but this was not one of those times. And take my word for it, her BJs are not toothy. And she went deep. She had offered me a massage, but I passed.

She asked if I was ready for the main course and how I wanted it. We started with K9, which was nice because she let me play with her asshole. Then we switched to mish, then cowgirl, and then reverse CG. I was getting pretty interesting in springing for the Greek, but I refrained.

tits with large responsive nipples

Stacy has very interesting tits with large responsive nipples that I enjoyed as I was able. Her pussy is on the tighter side. I flipped her back to mish for the final stretch. As I knew I was getting closer, I asked where I should unload…suggesting her tummy or tits. She didn’t even flinch when I suggested her mouth. She just smiled, and when it was about time I took the last few strokes in her mouth and released. She took it like a pro. No fuss. No mess.

I took the last few strokes in her mouth and released

Although I am not an MSOG guy, she offered. It just wasn’t in the cards. She did let me go down on her, which was quite the treat. She tried to 69 me into seconds, but it wasn’t happening.

Still, we ran out the clock talking, cuddling, and I left quite refreshed. I am sure I’ll visit again.

pictures are real and up to date

BTW: Her pictures are real and up to date. She seems to take new ones every month or so. Plus she’ll let you take your own pics and vids. Can’t beat that. I didn’t take advantage of that offer, but I expect I will.

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