September 11, 2019

Stacey is a girl that I will travel miles to see. Smart and beautiful, you won’t be disappointed if you great her well.

Stacey caught my eye ahead of my visit to the area, so I checked out her website and reviews to learn more about her and I got all the information I needed. The website shows professionalism (I like that), and her reviews are fantastic – the choice was clear.

I can’t wait to see Stacey again

Erotic Monkey

So made the contract and was happy to get a timely reply. Was also fortunate that she would be in the area on than date so made arrangement for an hour outcall. Stacey arrive and we did the LE check; first time meeting so no issue, I like the fact that she is a safety girl.

you won’t be disappointed

Began with kisses and attention to her perfectly erect set of boobs, then BJ which I could not get enough of had to break for FS otherwise I would be done right there and then. Put the cover on for standing MS and my favorite doggy for a while, then remove the cover for BJ to completion. Great girl. Treat her right and you won’t be disappointed.

Glad she is taking steps to screen more stringently, it should help to eliminate the miscreants of society who always tend to destroy a good situation by not just trying to short change her but by theft and living a life of crime. Indeed they make it bad for others because it create mistrust and paranoia with providers giving the impression that everyone is the same. These miscreants often claim that the world is against them, yet instead of proving the world wrong, they indeed never disappoint.

can’t wait to see Stacey again

Hope the EM staff will one day create a comment section similar to, where ladies get the chance to have a voice, especially about bad client and dishonest reviews.

Anyway it won’t be long before am back in the area, and I can’t wait to see Stacey again.

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