Jun 25, 2019

So damn hot. So worth everything you can hope for.

Erotic Monkey

I had been hearing about “Slutty Stacey” for a while now and I had not heard one bad thing, so it was time to see what all the fuss was about. Let me say this, SHE IS WORTH THE FUSS! Stacey is not just smoking hot, but a very personable woman as well. She enjoys what she does and also cares about her clients. Wants them satisfied and wants them to return.

I only had time for a quickie, so I figured that was a great way to gauge if a long date would be worth the time. Set up was easy. Met her up North at her spot. A quick LEO check, envelope set in view and we were off. I got comfy on the bed, I partook of her sweet breasts for a bit to help me get the little head awake and ready. Pretty quick, he was alert and she was ready to go to town. On went the cover and she started slowly, teasing with her tongue, playing with my balls before she really started going at it, taking me all the way in over and over again until I couldn’t take anymore and I let loose inside the cover. I slipped it off and flushed it away, cleaned up the soldier and chatted with her a bit more. She is a sensational girl and I will definitely be paying her another visit in the future. I NOW know what the hype is about and it is well deserved.

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