January 2021

A friend recommended Stacey and, I had a lot of fun watching her photos and video clips online before I saw her. It was such a cool feeling, after all those years of lusting after women on video that you know you can never have, to actually have one show up and get nasty with you!

sexy as hell, she dropped the bathrobe

Stacey opened the door wearing a hotel bathrobe and, once I closed the door, she hugged and kissed me. She was so sweet, almost nervous, and we sat and talked a while. She was really easy to talk to, despite the fact that she’s truly gorgeous in person and I was even feeling a little starstruck! As we got more comfortable, she told me she had worn exactly what I had asked for and stood up to show me. Looking alluring and sexy as hell, she dropped the bathrobe to reveal white stockings with lace tops, a garter belt, white stiletto heels, and matching white bra and thong. She giggled while she posed for me, and looked like a page out of the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

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