Hey Guys. It’s crazy out there. Doggy style is all the rage. We need to practice social distancing, and this brings a whole new meaning to safe sex. A condom isn’t going to help you with Coronavirus unless you wear it over your other head, and that may lead to different problems.

Some Random Dick Head

The good news is that Delaware has been pretty lucky. No one’s died here, so let’s keep it that way. Almost 400 dead in NY, so that’s off limits.

So, be safe. If you’ve been around people with it or feel sick. Stay away from everyone—including me. If you need help getting off, text me, and I can help you over Skype. Don’t forget, I can use CashApp and take credit cards for donations.

Safer Sex

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9 thoughts on “Safer Sex

  1. My favorite..doggy.

    Yes,this virus is not something to take lighty ; seems to affect different people in different ways,no matter how healthy you think you are.

    1. Very true. I can’t file for unemployment, so I need to keep working and be as safe as I can. I was joking, but K9 is probably the best position, and I like it too.

      1. Because it’s a respiratory virus I think you should adapt doggy style and reversed cow gir for a while until the spread of this
        Virus subsidies.
        It also seems that you should be okay with BJ.But avoid (GFE) at all cost.
        And us guys need to be reasonable and understand that this is for our mutual safety and is temporary.

        Am no doctor or sex expert, just my humble opinion.

  2. Give Trump credit for his stimulus check.Since your the only one that stimulates me, I guess you know where my check is going

  3. Stacey, tell me whether you have a toy collection. If so, does it include a strap on? How does this work in the pricing scheme?

    1. I have a toy collection, but penetration toys make for bad sharing toys. I am very fetish friendly, and I can peg the fuck out of your ass. Just bring your own gear. Besides, you probably have just the right size. Call me.

      You can find my rates here, or click on my Donations menu, but to answer your question, fetish is a $100 upcharge.

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