I know I just created a screening form for new customers and posted about it, but I needed to update a portion of it. Unfortunately, some guys uploaded photos that were clearly not them. One was very old.

Because of this, I need new photos to be submitted with you holding a piece of paper or something with the current date and Escort Stacey handwritten on it.

sample screening form image

I’m still working through the list and getting back to guys, but I’m a little nervous. I’m sorry if this creates an inconvenience, but I can continue to be inconvenienced.

I know that guys complain all the time about escorts who use old pictures and other girl’s pictures, but they don’t have a problem playing the same game. My site has a lot of very current pictures. Sure, I could post more, but anyone who visits my site knows what I look like and who they are getting if we meet. I even put up pregnancy pictures so no one was surprised when we met. I just ask for the same courtesy.

Screening Update

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2 thoughts on “Screening Update

  1. This really doesn’t make sense for anyone who has followed your blog. You are non-judgemental about just about everything except cleanliness. Hell. I’m not they same as I was 20 yrs ago but you always welcomed me with open legs… i mean lips… I mean arms.

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