Who knew? Since I’ve posted photos and videos of me having sex, I’ve been getting guys hitting me up and volunteering to be the next guy partnering with me. I’ve been offering the ability to take photos and videos for personal use for a while now, but I’ve been thinking that I should be thinking about it differently for my OnlyFans site. There are several challenges to this idea.

First is that you’ll be in it—at least your cock or part of you. If you’re OK with that, I’m OK. Some people have distinguishing scars, birthmarks, tattoos, and so on, so keep that in mind.

Second, normally, there are only two of us, so this limits the types of shots we can take. Either you or I need to hold the camera. Otherwise, unless there is a cameraman, the camera is just set somewhere, and you hope it’s capturing what you want. I guess you could shoot a a mirror, or you could set up several cameras, but… well, it starts to get complicated.

If you are holding the camera, there would be a lot of POV shots, and maybe that’s fine. If I’m holding the camera, I may have to do more editing than I’d like.

Third, I’d need to control the shots or at least have agreed up front. And I’d like to control the source. If you’ve seen the low resolution cocksucking video I shared on OnlyFans, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I was hoping to get a copy of the video, but all I got is a copy he texted to me. I know, right? Live and learn.

Some people have suggested that I have any participants sign a release form. I suppose I might download a standard form or create an online form to capture this information.

Finally, since most of the guys who have hit me up are fans on OnlyFans, so it makes sense that I’d consider these guys and regulars first. If you’re interested, don’t be shy. Being a pro photographer might get you some points, too.

Sex Tapes

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      1. With the same guy? It was a monster cock. Would love to see if you were able to swallow it all. A gagging video with a big cock like that be hot

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