I’m a sad panda. For those who are wondering why I am talking a break, here’s an example.

I must have gotten texted or emailed by about a dozen or more regulars about someone trash-talking me on USA Sex Guide. I get guys telling me all the time that they heard this customer or that provider talking shit. Who needs it? And some of the back-talking comes from customers who show up smiling at my door and gladly fuck me, only to complain behind my back and think that it won’t get back to me.

I don’t usually fuck and tell

I don’t usually fuck and tell, but I am not going to let this asshole ruin my reputation without letting my side be heard. He can respond here in the comments section or on USA Sex Guide or just keep talking in PM or behind my back.

he came twice in half an hour

I’ve only ever dated ATL GUY once. He showed up at my apartment when I lived in Claymont. He paid for an hour. He fucked me twice, and he came twice in half an hour and left on his own. Then he wrote a bad review how his hour lasted only half an hour. We even talked for a while after we fucked. I didn’t ask him to leave. It’s not my fault he couldn’t get it up again. I didn’t deny him or kick him out. He left on his own. He wrote a bad review, and then he even walked it back. What the fuck is up with that? It’s one thing to give a fair and honest review. It’s another thing to try to ruin a girl’s reputation with lies.

Rinse and repeat

When he was there, he told me about the sex doll torso he fucks because his military wife won’t touch his sorry ass. And he’s so cheap, he told me how he has to hand-wash the cum out of her pussy when he’s done. Rinse and repeat.

I’m not judging

I’m not judging. Times are tough, but don’t start badmouthing me like your quarter of a sex doll is better than I am.

he reversed the payment

He paid me with PayPal. When he left, he reversed the payment as soon as he pulled out of my driveway, so he probably planned this and does it often.

I’m not a D-bag

But because he paid with PayPal, I knew his real name and where he lived. So I called him and told him that I would drive over and tell his wife about what just happened, that his wife might be not too pleased—not that he fucked prostitutes as much as that has but was a douche bag who would do something like this. Even though I do have his real name and address, I would never share in public because, unlike him, I’m not a D-bag.

his rubber fuck doll doesn’t charge him

Him and his butt-buddy on USA Sex Guide are angry that I won’t give them huge discounts or give them free sex, and so this is how they act. I guess he thinks that if his rubber fuck doll doesn’t charge him, why should anyone?

a few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch

And ATL GUY is not alone, but he is one reason why I am not much in the mood to continue providing essential services, as they say in these COVID days. I am not going to call out all of the things I hear from other customers, but a few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch.

Shit Talking

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13 thoughts on “Shit Talking

  1. I’m not sure how to combat this, would be easier if authorities took a better view of the activities. You’re appreciated by others and more than that, you’re a person and deserve basic dignity and respect. What you do is not easy or for everyone. If it’s time to move on then it’s time. I’ll be sad to see you go but you’re too important to let others drag you through the mud. I know others have said it and they probably mean it but if you need an ear or even a shoulder, I’m a phone call or text away. I hope you have someone who you can talk to about things at the very least.

  2. Well we all know that “Cute” lovable pitty puppy but damnnnnnn now I see. lol need a pingback on that

  3. Please do what you do for you and no one else…. I’m really sad that you have to deal with these assholes in this world.. like the man said before me you always have a friend in me also… please remember you don’t have to hesitate here… I’ll always be here in whatever you decide is right for you.. a phone call or text and you have me.

  4. Not worth your trouble… you have better men that will treat you with the respect you deserve… don’t let an asshole like that ruin your good times with the rest…

  5. There is no reason for dude to take personal shots at Stacey. Not only was dude’s post BS but he went way too far in his comments. A simple not recommended would have been plenty especially in light of his thieving behaviors. This is how she supports herself and her child. She does not seek out others, they seek her out… to do this… and then try to steal which amounts to raping her?? I know Stacey is a sweet woman and will chill through this over time, but unless you been through it we don’t have any right to tell her how to process this vicious attack the coward initiates as he sits behind a computer.

  6. Don’t let him vent his frustration on you. He is just a guy who need to grow some balls, go fix himself,
    and his home problems. No wonder the wife not fucking him – a lousy deadbeat loser in many ways probably .

  7. I’m sorry you’ve had some negative feedback but I just can not understand why you continue to post about it. You are in a business where you cater to a lot incels/assholes. I have paid for sex myself so I am not disparaging you or your customers but you have to understand you’re catering to the worst of the worst men. I have always tried to be respectful in my own pursuit of escorts but I can understand how you’re not always going to get the best of our gender. Please know that I and most of your customers respect you and what you do. I have never actually been a customer of yours but I would like to be.

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