Short stay or quick visit: these have something in common. They are short or quick. I think I’ve bitched about this before.

To be honest, I like short stays when they are short and quick visits when they are quick, but I don’t like to offer them because too many guys not only take advantage of them but try to make me feel like I am doing them wrong if I insist on them being quick.

short and quick relate to the length of the stay

Maybe some guys are confused and think it’s a special for short dicks or premature ejaculation—or both. So, to set the record straight: short and quick relate to the length of the stay.

A short stay should take 5 or 10 minutes

A short stay should take 5 or 10 minutes—maybe 15 or 2. It’s just fuck and run or blow and go. No kissing, no warmup foreplay, not a lot of chat, no cuddling and hanging around. It’s all business.

And it’s two positions at most. Usually, I’ll suck your dick until it’s hard enough to fuck me, and then you pick a position and fuck me. The BJ counts as a position. If all you need is a head, then perfect—that counts, too. If you don’t need the blowjob, then you can fuck me in a couple of positions. But please, if you need more than 15 minutes or want to chat or cuddle or explore more than a couple positions, schedule the time you need. A half hour might be fine.

The other reason I don’t prefer short stays is that it attracts tightwads and low-ballers. These are the guys who try to bargain a lower rate from an already low rate, or they take the rate and try to work it into a half hour. This not only fucks up my mood for the date and makes me reluctant to have another date with you, it also fucks over the next guy who might want to have a legit short stay, but you’ve turned me off to the idea.

short stays are for the guy who just wants to get his dick wet and get his rocks off

Personally, I’d rather schedule a minimum of a half hour. But short stays are for the guy who just wants to get his dick wet and get his rocks off without the bullshit. If you want more than this, then don’t request a short stay. And guys complain about girls who bait and switch. I’m here to tell you that there are guys who do this all the time.

One last thing, so I don’t have to write two bitch posts in a row. A couple guys in a row short-changed me after a date. Each time it was $20. For real. Twenty fucking bucks. It wasn’t being upfront and letting me know up front. It was shorting me without telling me, so after they left and I counted it, I found out that I had been cheated.

If you can’t afford an hour, schedule a half

I’ve given guys breaks, and they’ve made it up later. Or they CashApp’d me after the fact. If you can’t afford an hour, schedule a half. If you can’t afford a half, schedule a short stay. If you can’t even afford that, then wait until you can. But don’t cheat me.

Just so you know, usually when I am not responding to texts and calls is because I am busy, but sometimes it’s because I am pissed off that another guy has screwed me over or has tried to, and I makes me rethink my priorities—even for the guys I know who aren’t game players and don’t fuck me over like that.

I am a human with feelings

OK, I’m done bitching. Sorry, but I think it’s important to get a peek into my escorting life and remember that I am a human with feelings. And I know all of you guys work or earn money somehow, and I know you’d ben pissed if someone tried to short you or fuck you over. Just know that it pisses me off, too.

Short Stays

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7 thoughts on “Short Stays

  1. Saw the ad went up on megapersonals but the phone was listed as 302-570-4705 on the pics as well as the first part of the at….but then it was listed as 302-507-4705 later. I’ve just texted both in case that’s why I haven’t heard back….hoping that’s why.

  2. Its horrible you gotta put up with that shit Stacey. Ruins things for those of us trying to set up an appointment for the first time. Hope to see you soon babe.

    1. Agree…people like those I despise, they always ruin a good thing.

      You try to be good ,but just can’t treat everyone the same in this world- just the way it is,unfortunately, especially those you don’t know well.

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