I need time between dates. I take showers, put on make-up, change cloths, eat, and any number of things. Since I’ve been focusing on one-hour dates lately, I decided to set up a bunch of short dates over the weekend back to back to back… Not everybody wants or can afford longer dates, and sometimes I need to work in newer clients. I try to leave time between dates, too.

I try to leave time between dates

After one date left, I had ten minutes until my next date, so I wanted to freshen up. But when the next date saw the last date leave, he thought that meant he could come knocking early. I think I just wrote about this last week or so. A 2:00 date doesn’t mean come knocking at 2:00. It means you text me at 2:00 and wait for a response. It’s not that difficult of a concept to grasp. At least it shouldn’t be.

Maybe you want to kiss me after I just BBBJ’d some dude before you showed up. Maybe you want to eat me after I’ve just been fucked. I don’t have a problem with that, but you need to tell me in advance that’s your fetish. I’ll gladly oblige, but I don’t think most guys really want that. Maybe, I’m wrong.

I’m all for a good gangbang

I’m all for a good gangbang, but that’s not how most guys expect their visits to work. I’ve created a new survey to get your ideas on what you think about multiple partners.

New Survey: Multiple Partners

Shower me

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7 thoughts on “Shower me

  1. Hey guys….. I’ve known Stacey for 2 to 2 1/2 years now… and if you dumbasses can’t respect her rules. You will piss her off and she will shut it down completely… so please respect her so we can all indulge in her fine talents….just a concerned client…

  2. So… Took the survey. I don’t dig guys, not my thing. But I am NOT inhibited to try the gangbang thing. Fantasies, some of them you have to try sometimes.

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