A lot of guys seem to want anal sex. I offer a backdoor option, but I’m not really a fan. I’m a small girl and very tight back there. As my dates know, my pussy is extremely tight, so I’m not sure why someone would need anything even tighter.

As I posted yesterday, I up-charge for some services. Greek is one of them.

What Greek means to me is that I’ll try, so the donation is for trying. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. If it does, it does.

Anal sex requires time to relax and get into it, so it is not something I offer for short stays, even if I am offering short stays at all. It also may require some additional preparation beforehand. I ask for a minimum of an hour incall or out plus the upcharge. Also, this is not something I offer on first dates.

No offense, but I’ve also noticed that many if not most guys who want it don’t know how to do it. Some guys have never had the opportunity, some guys are just clumsy, and some guys just don’t seem to care. My ass is not as forgiving as my pussy for amateurs. I have no problem helping out newbies, whether you’re new to sex or just new to escorts, but unless you are booking a couple hours, I don’t really have time to teach you Greek.

Also, some guys are just too big for backdoor entry. I guess your big cock is a blessing and a curse, in which case you’ll need to stick with blowjobs and size queens.

I don’t mean to complain, but I want you to know that I’m not a robot or a Fleshlight. I’m a flesh and blood girl.

Speak Greek?

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12 thoughts on “Speak Greek?

  1. Just my two cents on Greek. I want to try it, it’s a kink that all porn sites propagate and I think it would be fun. But I don’t think it should be with someone who isn’t going to get anything out of it at all. I would never ask for it because I’ve read your position on it, just wouldn’t seem right to me. I would guess most men don’t ask because it isn’t a pressing desire, we just want to get laid without working too hard. Plus, as you mention your other assets and skills are pretty darn good.

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