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I sent out this survey last week, and the results are in.

As an escort, I rely on word of mouth and reviews. I haven’t seen many reviews lately, and I was wondering if offering some sort of reward would create an incentive to post. Maybe they are on sites I don’t follow. Most of them are on Erotic Monkey and a few are comments on USA Sex Guide. I think people like Erotic Monkey because when you leave a review, you get 2 weeks’ access to read all of their reviews, which otherwise costs money.

What I discovered is that guys are pretty split on whether I should offer a reward, but responses leaned toward NO. Even the answers about what I should offer were about even, whether a few roses off a future date, an extended date, or a free up-charge service.

I was, however, surprised by the response to how I should deal with people who leave negative reviews. Overwhelmingly, you guys said fuck guys who write bad reviews–rather, don’t fuck them, and don’t give a fuck. They’ll move on and get over it. A couple people suggested that I should explain my side here, so I might consider adding my response to any negative reviews. Hell, I may start to respond to positive reviews.

To be honest, some of the reviews are exaggerated, whether positive or negative, but I am but necessarily going to point out dependencies. Maybe it’s just my memory was off.

To be fair, if you are a regular date, you probably already get extra benefits. I might stay a little longer, maybe you’ll get a free GFE kiss, let you get a little PSE action or something. Maybe we’ll chat a little by text.

So, in the end, I hope all of my dates are wonderfully memorable, and so I appreciate the ones who do…even if you don’t get a prize (besides me, of course).

Stacey Responds: Review Rewards

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