As I promised yesterday, I am addressing comments and questions guys brought up on my Up-Charges Survey.

As long as you’re upfront about what the upcharges are it’s fine. And if you do go to all inclusive, you need to let people know what that includes and/or what’s on the definite no list. Nothing worse than thinking something is included, then getting in the middle of things and realizing it’s not.

I agree. Be sure to see my donations page or ask upfront if you are unsure. Also, take a look at my other posts that explain the difference between a basic date, GFE, PSE, fetish, Greek, and so on.

I have seen you a few times and it has been nice but every once in a while I would prefer a dirty girl slave type situation not pse but you being my toy to do what I please whether it be cum on your face or you licking my ass. It would keep the regular dating from falling into same old thing and me from seeking out others just to change things up

Pretty sure this is one of those times you just need to ask outright. I hate to break it to you, but this is clearly PSE.

I think your stated upcharge for GFE is a bit high should be maybe $50. It is not as intrusive as anal and pse and most of the other type fetishes and most providers i have seen offer this as standard.

I hear you, and I agree GFE is not as intrusive as anal, which is why anal is 150 and GFE is only 100. The question might be if PSE should be 150 along with anal, but I feel it’s fair. Also, I don’t know what the basic donation is for these other providers or how good their services are.

What additional services should Stacey provide?


This is fetish. Just ask.

Photo/ video option, perhaps?

I already offer photos and videos. Call me.

You mentioned pee in your blog post, not sure if that’s giving or receiving but I’d love to piss in your mouth. I’d also love to be rimmed.

I like a good rim job now and then

My motto is that it’s better to give than receive.

Lol you got the bases covered

The current up charge menu is pretty good to me

Thank you. I like to think so. As advertised, I am open-minded and accommodating. They don’t call me Delaware’s favorite little slut™ for nothing.

convince my wife (and execute) a 3 way lol

I’ve got this. Send me her number.

Milk, milk, milk but no upcharge

Good things come to those who wait. I am sure that in a couple of months I’ll have a tittie milk post or two.

Bare, swallow, lactation

Maybe so. Maybe not. Call me.


Remember, for our time together, you are donating for my time as well as any up-charges. Overnight is just 8 or 12 hours. Plenty of guy have donated for 2 or 3 hours, and I’ve done several overnights or weekends. You just need to have the right donation. Of course, I need to know you before I would have an extended stay like this, probably a few hour dates or multiple hour dates before I schedule something longer.

You also need to consider what you’ll be expecting during this time. Let’s say I am doing 10 hours overnight at your place. At 250 an hour, that’s 2,500 for basic. Are you looking for GFE or fetish in that time? That’s maybe 350 an hour instead, so 3,500. If I do know you, maybe we could work out an arrangement, but you are looking at 2,000 anyway?

Why so much? Well, because if I am with you, I am missing the opportunity to get any other donations, right? Because, again, you are paying for my time.

One thing to keep in mind is that for an overnighter, I’d be actually sleeping during much of that time, so you may not find it worth it to donate for, say, 12 hours if I am asleep for 6 or 8 of them. But if you are still interested, text me.

Not sure if you do it or not but stockings fetish.

Yes. Indeed, I do accommodate this fetish. I love to dress up, so clothing fetishes work for me. Stockings, pantyhose, outfits, or whatever. I’d suggest you bring what ever (unworn) clothing you want me to wear. For a slightly higher donation, you can even take videos.

Stacey Responds: Up-Charges

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