The survey results are in. A picture is worth a thousand words, but I am gonna write a few more.

You guys want to see me fuck myself with large dildos. Not just dildos, which are past halfway down the page, but LARGE dildos. For those who know me, my pussy is small. My cunt is tight as fuck. I’ll try some large dildos, but I don’t wanna fuck up my moneymaker if you catch my drift. I’m not exactly a size queen. While I might enjoy sucking a big dick or a BBC, getting fucked by it is a different story. But if this is what you guys want the most, I’ll give it my best try.

And then there’s anal dildos and buttplugs. I’ve already done a couple of these, but I guess you want more. And that’s great. I’m glad I asked. I need to up my anal training, I guess.

My mechanical fuck machine tops off my top three faves. I do need to dust that motherfucker off and get it back into action. To be honest, a few guys wrote in that they want to see me get fucked by the machine with a larger dildo. You guys are relentless. For the record, I already posted some videos of me getting machine-fucked with a big dildo. The company advertised it as a beginner’s dildo, but make no mistake, it was larger than most of my dates, so I am not sure what qualifies as a BIG dildo. I’m not sure I want to know.

As for the rest, you can read. The only one not worth considering is ‘Fruit & Vegetable’. I had been thinking zucchini, cucumber, corn on the cob, and who knows what else? Eggplant? haha So, unless a lot of guys have comments to suggest a heavy interest, that’s getting crossed off the list. Of course, the survey is still open, so if you haven’t taken it and you don’t feel this survey represents what you want, there is still time to cast your vote.

Survey Result: Toys

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7 thoughts on “Survey Result: Toys

  1. Big dildos because guys like seeing girls sucking or fucking big cocks.

    That’s why guys with big cocks do porn. No one wants to see small. If you notice your videos with the bigger guys tend to be more popular.

  2. Stacy the trend and the best are BBC sites ie;

    I would personally like to see you do more in this genre, the contrast is really hot and my girlfriend likes it as well..

    p.s. yes, she has

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