The survey results are in for what content you want me to post on my OnlyFans site.

You can see the results and the survey is still open, but I’ll write here about the top choices.

You guys really want to see me get gangbanged. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those. It should be fun. I used to do a lot of gangbangs a few years back, but I don’t have any videos. You know how the saying goes: Pictures or it didn’t happen. So I need to prove it happened. For some reason, they seem to be a favorite for college kids. To be honest, I was going through so many guys when I first started, there was literally no difference between that and a gang bang except everyone wasn’t in the same room at the same time. The more you know. haha

The next preference is me versus my fuck machine. As it happens, that is also in the top 3 of my toys survey, so you guys must really want to see that. I’ll make it happen for sure. Check out my blog post on the toy survey results.

Tied for third place are just me and me, another girl, and a guy, which could be a lot of fun. I’ve been posting a lot of just me content including some hot masturbation videos, and I’ll continue to post many more. Obviously, just me is the easiest thing to do, with the fuck machine coming in next.

Coordinating with other people is already a challenge, and OnlyFans doesn’t make it easy to do if you’ve read my other posts.

Some people asked what’s the difference between FMF and MFF. The key is the middle letter. That’s who’s getting the most attention. For FMF, the guy is getting double-teamed by the girls. For MFF, one of the girls is getting the love.

This holds true for the other three-way combos. For MFM, the two guys are making a sandwich of the girl–maybe even literally with some DP action. For MMF, the guy in the middle is bi, and he’s the main attraction.

If you’ve learned anything new today, don’t forget to leave a comment and maybe even a tip. Or swing on by my OnlyFans site and become a fan if you’re not one already.

Survey Results: Content

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